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Shining the Light from Within

In Chinese medicine, this time of year is very yin. Think of the summer as being very yang. Think of the darkness, the grey, the cold; that is the yin. Some days are harder than others to keep our yang energy up. We can become too drawn into the yin, especially if we are isolated. Typically the energy of gatherings, nights by the fire with friends and loved ones, the sound of a crowd at a live music show or in a restaurant, these things keep our fires lit. I want to talk about how to keep your own light shining.

Self-care. It's a buzz word, yes, but it's also incredibly important right now for everyone. We must tend to our own needs before we can really tend to the needs of others. The world needs us right now to be our best selves. Meditate, exercise, feed yourself good food, love yourself, hug yourself, dance, sing. Let yourself be healed by nature. Hug a tree. Listen to the slow song of it's many years and let it wash over you. Cry. Let yourself be healed by the sound of your children breathing at night, or the touch of someone you love, or the voice of a musician.

Then imagine that all of that light, all of that sunshine and yang energy that you took in over the summer lives inside of you. Find that place. Radiate that light from inside you. It's in there! Trust that it will be replenished, and it will be. Soon spring will melt all of this snow, it's hard to imagine but it will. The little bulbs of spring will come popping up, bright and brave.

Remember that there are relatively safe ways to be with those we miss. Getting tested is easy, both parties can do that, then self quarantine and then you can gather safely. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and we are communal creatures. Find ways to stay connected, and ask for help if you need it.

With great empathy and love for all beings,


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