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Prenatal & Postpartum Care

I believe that the prenatal and postpartum time periods are some of the

most transformative and crucial in our lives and in the lives of our children.

When women feel cared for and nurtured by those around them,

they are in turn able to care for and nurture themselves and their babies.

I have seen many times in my practice and in my life how powerful acupuncture and bodywork can be as catalysts for healing and easing difficult passages, and it is my goal to assist in any way I can in making your birth journey an amazing one. While it is true that mom needs the most support here to help this beautiful process unfold, let us not forget that

partners in birth sometimes need treatment too!


When our bodies are very busy growing babies we need space and support to nourish ourselves in many ways. Through this time many transformations are occurring- seed to baby, maiden to mother, couple to family. All aspects of ourselves deserve support as we are supporting another living, growing being.


Postpartum is a precious, magical, vulnerable, and potentially challenging time in our mothering journeys. Reducing stress, creating a safe environment for mother and baby, keeping both parents and other children nourished is of utmost importance so that the groundwork that we lay for this child is intact, supple, and loving. This is most important in the first 3 months of your child’s life, but I believe that extra support is needed for the entire first year postpartum.


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"Emma helped prepare me to conceive...perhaps a little too well! I carried a beautiful set of twins to full term. They are the picture of perfect health. I believe she kept us all well through a farily demancding journey and I will be grateful, always."

Receiving acupuncture and bodywork during the prenatal period can help:


  • Ease aches and pains associated with pregnancy

  • Increase quality of sleep

  • Reduce severity and frequency of headaches

  • Help alleviate anxiety and depression

  • Reduce stress

  • Keep you calm and centered

  • Prepare your mind and body for birth

  • Gently and effectively induce labor past your due date

After your baby is born, acupuncture and bodywork can help:

*ease mental, emotional, and physical transitions into motherhood

*give mom the opportunity to rest and renew

*ease anxiety and depression

*improve sleep

*address postpartum issues such as plugged ducts and mastitis

*help your body’s hormonal balance


Herbal Medicine

Your home or office visit includes any herbal and nutritional advice I may have for you depending on what you need

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