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Postpartum Doula

"The First 42 days postpartum can effect a women's health for the next 42 years."
                                          -Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine Principal

My intentions in this work spring from my passion and calling to serve postpartum mamas, their partners, and their families of origin and of choice. My kindling is my own postpartum experience and the inspiration I've gained from working with countless other women who have been brave and trusting enough to tell me their true stories. I have a vision that we can work towards getting back something crucial that our dominant culture has lost. 

-The mother as a goddess to be worshipped and cared for 

-Mothers valuing this role for what it is, a bedrock for a healthy society to be built upon

-To create a new paradigm for motherhood in the 21st century

-To help mothers get the most out of this precious experience, for which they need support, nourishment, and wisdom in order to be their best selves. This is a challenging, yet infinitely beautiful journey. These postpartum memories and experiences can offer nourishment for a lifetime.

"Sometimes, women are the medicine"

                                                   -one of my teachers

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