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Medicine for Life's Transformational Times

Meadow's Edge


Plant Medicine, Bodywork

Postpartum Doula


My Practice

I am here to help you on your healing journey with compassion, love, and understanding. My tools are my intuition, my hands, my needles, and the plants that so sweetly give up their secrets to be our allies. I also bring with me the knowledge I've gained in practicing this medicine for twenty five years. I am looking forward to working with you!


am passionate about life's alchemy, the moment when we are on a precipice and step off our edge into something altogether new, a fusion of who we were and who we are to be. Often we encounter these moments when we experience rites of passage, of which illness can be one, along with literal and figurative births and deaths. What is true is that we are constantly changing, experiencing big and small beginnings and endings everyday. To embrace this aspect of life we not only need to be flexible, but we also need to lean on each other for support. In this way we can move through and show up with grace.


My Specialties 

What Patients Say

"I had been struggling with fertility challenges for almost four years when a friend recommended seeing Emma to me. I was pursuing Western fertility treatments and had heard how beneficial Chinese medicine could be. From the very beginning, Emma was not only very compassionate and supportive she was also highly knowledgeable and professional. Her treatments and supplements helped me through the challenging experiences of multiple rounds of IUI and IVF. When I did become pregnant her care and support also helped me through a succesful pregnancy. I cannot recommend Emma's services enough through the prenatal and postnatal journey. I am extremely grateful to her for her vital role in helping me become a mother."


Love offers us the healing

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