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Top 10 Reasons to Get Acupuncture

* Acupuncture can keep you healthy (before you get sick!)

-By tapping into your body's innate knowledge of how to rebalance and repair itself, acupuncture can be excellent preventative medicine.


Change the way your body responds to everyday stressors

-Chronic stress elevates your body's cortisol levels, affecting everything from how we sleep (or don't), to how we store calories. By gently nudging your body to set a lower base cortisol level, all levels of health and well-being can be improved.


* Acupuncture gives us an opportunity to listen

-Sometimes the answers are within us, just waiting patiently to be heard. When we tune in, they can arise effortlessly.

* We need stillness to balance the busyness

-Just 40 minutes on the table can provide a much needed oasis from this modern life.

* Acupuncturists know how to work in conjunction with mainstream medicine

-Trained in a 4 year Masters program, licensed acupuncturists learn a wealth of Western Medicine, from pharmacology to extensive anatomy and physiology. We understand how to work alongside your MD or NP, the medicines you're taking, and the diagnosis you may have received.

Happy Little Child, Baby Girl Laughing A

* Because life is too short to feel bad

When we take the time to care for ourselves, we can be more present for each moment of our lives and for the people we love. Feeling better takes us out of our cycles of pain (physical or emotional) and we experience the expansiveness and joy inherent in our lives.

Trees Reflection in the Water

* Experience the art, skill, and beauty in a nature based medicine

-We are a microcosm of the macrocosm. We have our own internal weather patterns- dampness, dryness, wind, and heat. We are inextricable from our environment. Come learn how Chinese Medicine can be an accessible and fun way to look at the world.


* Acupuncture is a different experience from seeing your doctor

-Unbeholden to restrictions imposed by corporate healthcare, we have the time and attention to fully listen to you. We are happy to answer questions, be available to you, and to offer a multitude of options from our extraordinary toolkit.

* Acupuncture can fit into your budget

-By offering reduced rates for packages of treatments, I can bring the cost per session down to as low as $50 per visit. My patients have found that their increased well-being is tied to fewer missed work days and increased productivity and focus. You can use your flexible spending account for treatments, and some insurance companies will reimburse for acupuncture.

* Acupuncture is evidence based medicine

-Click on this link to learn about all of the conditions acupuncture has been proven to effectively treat:

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